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A/C Re-New 4oz lubricant R22 R410A 5 tons Nu-Calgon 4057-55
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A/C Re-New 4oz lubricant R22 R410A 5 tons

Item # 4057-55
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A/C Re-New 4oz lubricant R22 R410A 5 tons

A/C Re-New

  • Quiets noisy compressors
  • Reduces energy consumption, lowers starting and running amps
  • OEM approved, frees sticking thermostatic expansion valves and reversing valves
  • Aids in oil return with existing oil in R-22 retrofits
  • Great for new and old systems
A/C Re-New, formerly Zerol® Ice, has been used successfully for many years to improve the performance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. A/C Re-New provides significant saving in energy use. It also quiets noisy systems and extends the life of the system. It is a lubricant that blends with the system’s oil, lasting for the life of the equipment, or until the oil is changed.


  Product NameA/C Re-New 4oz lubricant R22 R410A 5 tons
  Brand NameNu-Calgon
  Item #4057-55
  Weight0.41 lbs
  Length3 in
  Width3 in
  Height6 in
  Cube0.03 sq ft