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Manifold Universal Digital 4-Valve 6-Hoses Yellow Jacket R40877
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Manifold Universal Digital 4-Valve 6-Hoses

Item # R40877
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Yellow Jacket
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Manifold Universal Digital 4-Valve 6-Hoses

R40877 P51-870 TITAN® Digital Manifold with Wireless Temperature Clamps, Ball Valve and 5/16” Hoses

Provides ultimate system measurements with ease. This 4-valve manifold provides fast and accurate measurements for refrigeration and a/c systems. Measurements are displayed on a backlit digital display and can be transmitted via Bluetooth® to a Smartphone for even further analysis. Local display of system pressures and temperatures, superheat and subcool provide instant analysis. When connected to your Smartphone, target superheat and subcool are easily attained, along with all the other capabilities of the ManTooth™ app.
  • Vacuum sensor (P/N 67030)
  • Set of (6) 60” manifold hoses: (3) RYB compact ball valves (P/N 29985); (1) Y 3/8” str x 3/8” 45° (P/N 18160); (2) compact ball valve 1/4” x 5/16” (P/Ns 29425 and 29465)
  • (2) YJACK™ temperature clamps (P/N 67061)
  • USB charging cable
  • Backpack carrying case (P/N 10146


  Product NameManifold Universal Digital 4-Valve 6-Hoses
  Brand NameYellow Jacket
  Item #R40877
  Weight7.7 lbs