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Refrigerant R-437A Freon MO49Plus Chemours MO49-30
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Refrigerant R-437A Freon MO49Plus

Item # MO49-30
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Refrigerant R-437A Freon MO49Plus

A Versatile Replacement for Common R-12 Service Blends
Freon™ MO49Plus (R-437A) refrigerant was created as a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) retrofit for service blends like R-101A, R-401B, and R-409A that contain hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) components.
Freon™ MO49Plus provides a quick, cost-effective way to retrofit existing R-12 and R-500 equipment currently using HCFC blends (Freon™ MP39, Freon™ MP66, and Freon™ R-409A). Those refrigeration applications, designed for R-12, include:

  • Food service/restaurant storage
  • Supermarket display cases
  • Food storage and processing
  • Domestic refrigerators/freezers


  Product NameRefrigerant R-437A Freon MO49Plus
  Brand NameChemours
  Item #MO49-30
  Weight30 lbs
  Length12 in
  Width12 in
  Height12 in
  Cube1 sq ft